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Some of our volunteers are talented artists and have brightened up an outside gable end of a school building by painting a mural. It's a great way to decorate the outside of a school and is emensly popular with the pupils, teachers and villagers.
We expect you to submit your own design which should incorporate the school name and even the school moto if you like.  We have to get your design aproved by the Head Teacher and the Education Board and once we have their permission we can order the paint.  Your design should be submitted on squared paper and you should base the colours on DULUX paint - we can usually get most colours but be prepared for the occasional disapontment). See here for a DULUX colour chart.
The gable end wall of most classroom blocks are about 10 meters wide and the cost of each mural will depend on the design and how many different colours you use.  We cannot buy paint in less than 1lt tins.
To give you an idea of costs you will need one 5 ltr tin for a plain background at a cost of about $ 45 and at least one 1lt tin for each colour. Costs for this size tins of Dulux are approximately $ 20 each but may be a little more for dark colours.
If you would like to come and paint a mural at one of our schools please email
Kakumbi Basic School
painted by
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School
Katapila Community School
painted by
the Mathison Family and the Katapila Kids


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