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Refurbishing and painting classrooms is an easy way to quickly improve a school and cheer up dark and dreary classrooms. It's an easy project for volunteers too as it requires little expertise and can be finished in a fairly short space of time. Painting one or more classrooms is an ideal project for groups.
Unfortunately paint is not cheap in Zambia and redecorating one classroom will cost in the region of US $300 for paint, tools and cleaning materials. Painting two classrooms shows a better economy of scale and costs around $500
Good quality paint is not available in Mfuwe so we ask that you send the funds ahead and we will order everything in time for your arrival. Occasionally classroom walls will need a bit of patching up before you paint and you can either do this yourself or we can find a local person to do this for you. 


We will be listing all our projects here soon but meanwhile have a look at what previous volunteers have achieved.
If you can't wait for our list of projects please email
to see what is available.
Kakumbi Basic School
Katapila Basic School


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