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Use and Care
Ufulu menstrual pads will provide effective and eco-friendly sanitary protection for at least 2 years - guaranteed. 
But it is important to use and care for them correctly.
Start  by washing your new pads before using them. This will increase their absorbency. 
Wear - put the pad in your underwear with the plain side up, so it will be next to your skin. Fold the wings to the outside of your underwear and use the poppers to hold it in place. You will feel more secure if you use the right side underwear i.e. not too big or loose.
Rinse and soak - When the time comes to change your pad remove it and rinse it out in cold water. If you have no water place the pad in a plastic bag or in your wet/dry bag. Try not to let the pad dry out as this will encvourage staining.  As soon as you can put the pad into soak. 
Wash - after soaking your pad, wash it in clean, cold water using soap. Do not use hot water as this may cause the pad to stain.  Rinse the pad until free from soap. do not use fabric softened as this will stop the inner core from absorbing. 
Dry - So you can dry your pad outside discreetly put it into one of the pockets in the Ufulu secret washing line and hang this on a line or in a tree. It is best in direct sunlight. 


Do not use bleach 
Do not wash in hot water 
Do not iron 


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