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Research Distribution 
Ufulu pads are pretty ‘all-in-one’ washable, reusable menstrual pads 
Each pad is made up of several layers of high performance hydrophilic material backed with a waterproof but breathable  fabric to prevent leakage. These layers are encased in a layer of soft cotton (which goes next to the skin) and bright, fashionable and prettily patterned cotton on the outside. ‘Wings’ securely hold the pad securly in place in your underwear and are held together
by poppers. Ufulu pads are soft, comfortable and ultra absorbent.
Ufulu pads are made by less fortunate women living in Mfuwe and 100% of the profits
from sales are used to support the communities in ther Luangwa Valley
Safe to use
Our technical fabrics are manufactured to a high standard with either
Oeko-tex 100 Certification or CPSIA Status, making the pads safe to use. 
We have confidence in our product and guarantee our Ufulu pads to last at least 2 years.


Basic Pac
Our basic menstrual kit for NGO/donor distribution containing the same high quality pads in our other
packs. This pack contains our essential 'secret washing line' for discreetly drying
pads outside. 
Starter Pack
Contains everything needed 
to start using Ufulu pads including a secret washing
line and a discreet bag for taking your pads to school
or work with a waterproof section for used or rinsed pads. 
Heavy/night pads
Some women find that
they bleed more heavily
on certain days or need a
more absorbent pad at night.
Our night pads have a
thicker, more absorbent core
to give you confidence. 
  • 5 normal flow pads
  • 1 secret washing line
  • Care instructions
  • Leaflet
  • 5 normal flow pads
  • 1 wet/dry bag
  • 1 secret washing line
  • Care instructions
  • Leaflet 
  • 2 extra thick pads
Extra Pads 
Perhaps you want to just try Ufulu pads, or prefer to spread the cost over a couple of months, or just need extra pads.
To help with this we have packaged our pads in twos. 
Many women experience
a natural discharge, small bladder leaks or surprise spotting.
Our comfortable cotton panti-liners can cope giving you condifence and keeping you fresh. 
ContainsAfter giving birth a mother will bleed more heavily and for longer than a normal period.
To cope with this we have designed a larger, specially shaped and extra absorbent pad.  
  • 2 pads for normal flow days 
  • 3 panti-liners 
  • 3 extra thick post partum pads  



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