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Research Distribution 
Ufulu Basic MHM kits are available to NGOs and donors to distrubute to women and girls throughout southern Africa.  However we also distrubute kits ourselves to school girls in the Mambwe area of the Luangwa Valley and we have our own way of doing this.
First we meet with the local 'alengezi', female teachers and PTA members to chat about the challenges they, and the girls, face. We then introduce the pads and explain how they are made and how to care for them before talking to the girls. By using this method they do not feel undermined and are in a position to offer support to the girls with informed advice.   
When meeting with the girls we first find out what they know and from there we can build on their knowlege with the correct information. Many girls think that they are ill when menstruating and have no idea about why it happens every month. Using diagrams and questions we explain the menstrual cycle before showing them how to care for their pads. 
The contents of the basic kits are the result of research in our local communities and listening to suggestions. As well as 5 pads the kit includes our 'secret washing line' and we regard this as essentional to the successful use of the pads. 


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