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In June 2013 Bernice and Don Willoughby and their two friends, Bonnie and John Schmelke revisited Katapila Community School and showed the kids how to build a tippy-tap.  Tippy taps are a simple devise enabling hand-washing in 'running water' where running water does not exsist. It is operated by a foot lever reducing the chance for bacteria transmission as the user touches only the soap. As it uses only around 40 millilitres of water to wash hands as oposed to 500 millilitres using a mug it is great for rural areas where water must be carried some distance from a borehole or well. 
At Project Luangwa we don't believe in doing everything for a school or a community so our volunteers just advised the grade 6 boys on how to build the tippy taps and the boys built the taps themselves.  Our grade 6 boys are a practicle lot and so quickly and easily erected the taps. 
We hope that they will take this little bit of technology home with them and build their own tippy taps at home.   However one of the problems is a shortage of the 5 lt containers needed for the taps and we hope to be collecting as many as we can from our supporting lodges.


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