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Aliphad Tembo
When Project Luangwa first visited Katapila Community School we were surprised by Aliphad Tembo's vibrant classroom full of homemade educational posters.  He was one of the original untrained volunteer teachers and obviously enjoyed teaching. This was picked up by a generous donor who offered to sponsor him for a two year teacher training course.  He left for a college in nearby Chipata in January 2010.
Aliphad will finish his training in December 2012 and will return to Katapila a fully trained teacher. It may be a couple of years before the Education Board offer him employment and so Project Luangwa would like to be able to offer him a living allowance in order that he may continue teaching at Katapila community School until that time. 
If you would like to help and sponsor Aliphad to remain at Katapila after training please contact us.  
Ireen and Lackson Nyirenda
In 2010 Katapila Community School was extremely lucky to be sent these two trained and government funded teachers. The husband and wife team have no children of their own and are perfect for this rural school. They met at a teacher training college and have 13 years teaching experience between them.
Their teaching ability was soon noticed by the community; in their first six months at the school pupil attendance rose from around 100 to 312. They have introduced a Grade 4 class and plan to teach Grade 5 in 2012.  
When PL offered to help them set up a library Ireen volunteered to give up her office in order that there was a dedicated space. Open to new ideas she teaches the children craft work such as basket making and plans to start a sewing class.
Raphael Banda
Raphael Banda is a young local man who has been a volunteer teacher at the school since its start in 2007. 
He is untrained and like most of the pupils who reach Grade 12 and pass their exams is desparate to train in a profession.  He tells me that he would love to be able to join his friend Aliphad Tembo at the teacher training college in Chipata. Unfortunately Raphael comes from a poor family who are unable to pay for for him to go to college. 


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