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The Central Hub
At the centre of operations is the central 'hub' or administrative office in Lusaka managing, monitoring and evaluating the individual centres across Zambia. 
The coaches do not work alone. The team in Lusaka are available to offer educational and technical advice ensuring effective delivery of the program.  They provide project management, comprehensive monitoring, evaluation and reporting, technical support, selection and training of coaches, ongoing research & development, course design, communications with partners and clients and a raft of operational and administrative tasks. With advanced reporting systems they are able to monitor precisely the progress of each of our students and coaches.
The Local Hub. 
At the heart of each geographical location is the local 'hub' or coach house with an experienced Silver Star Coach managing their team of Bronze Star Coaches and their trainee assistants.  
The Centres
Each coach, help from a trainee assistant runs a 'centre' with 300 pupils, split into groups of 30, who attend a 3 hour mathematics session once a week - 30 pupils in the morning and 30 in the afternoon, 5 days a week. Although often attached to a school the sessions take place outside classroom hours and may be held anywhere; in a classroom, in a church or under a tree.




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