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Project Luangwa firmly believes that education is the key to helping people help themselves out of poverty. It enables them to start businesses and find jobs.  With your help we can sponsoring kids from Grade 1 right through to Grade 12 giving them the chance of an education that otherwise they would not have.  
But then what?  If there are no jobs - what do they do?  If they have no skills - what then?
In rural Zambia, as in communities around the world, there is a need to provide more than just a basic education. People need to learn skills that will enable them to get a job or to allow them to be able to start their own business. For a number of professions this will mean that they need to attend college or university to obtain a certificate, diploma or degree.
We students to attend courses on teaching, accountancy, vehicle mechanics and hotel and tourism. Without these skills and qualifications it is difficult to gain employment other than as an unskilled laborer or domestic worker.
We are looking to find sponsors from private donors as well as corporate sponsors who are willing to consider funding scholarships. Currently Project Luangwa is concentrating on training teachers.
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Abraham Banda
Justin Banda
Raphael Weza
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