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In June 2011 Zu Mac Dermot, a nine year old staunch supporter of Project Luangwa and his mum sent out a huge several suitcases of secondhand and discontinued design school uniforms for the kids in South Luangwa.
With over three hundred purple sweat shirts and jackets as well as a few white polo shirts we decided to distribute them to the Katapila kids who come from some of the poorest families in our area.
It was perfect timing for the 'Zambian winter' but, as any mother will tell you, dressing one child is hard work so imagine what it was like to dress over three hundred in one morning.

Even though the nights and early mornings in June and July are quite chilly in Zambia the days can still get hot. But this matters not to a child in Zambia with a shiny new jacket. It seems that it is de rigueur to wear it all day with the hood up and fastened tightly.
When PL visited the school a month later the jackets were still being worn throughout the day even in class.


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