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Painting Classrooms:  Some schools in the Mfuwe area have not been refurbished since they were built 20 or 30 years ago. Classrooms remain shabby, depressing and dark making them far removed from the inspirational rooms we now have in the Western world. There are no colourful wall charts or posters and often no glass in the windows.  Probably the easiest and most popular project for Project Luangwa volunteers is decorating these gloomy classrooms turning them into bright airy rooms where children want to learn.
Painting murals:  Some of our volunteers are very talented artists and have brightened up an outside gable end of a school building. These murals are very popular with kids, teachers and villagers alike and are great moral boosters for the whole school.
Tree planting:  There has been a huge amount of deforrestation in the area and we want to encourage kids to plant trees around their schools and care for them. We have had a huge success with the scheme last year and twelve months on every tree is still alive.




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