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Prior to 1989 Nsefu Middle Basic School had few teachers and taught only Grades 1 to 4. In 1990 the District Education Board appointed the school to teach up to Grade 6 and by the following year to Grade 7. However the school had just 4 Government paid teachers and a local volunteer from the community.
In 2005 the Kawaza School Fund (now Project Luangwa)stepped in to help by offering to pay a small allowance to 5 volunteer teachers. The community themselves also helped and provided the materials and labour to build 2 teachers’ houses.
During the last five years another 4 teachers’ houses, 6 classrooms, a toilet block and a bore hole have been added to the school’s original facilities. It was then that the Education Board appointed a couple of trained teachers.
Textbooks for Grades 8 and 9
In 2009 the Education Board asked Nsefu School to start a Grade 8 class followed by one for Grade 9 in 2011. However they were unable to supply the textbooks required to teach either of these two grades.  During 2010 Project Luangwa raised the funds with help from some generous donors to provide a full set for each subject for both Grades.
Dilapidated classrooms
These two new Grades have put an extra strain on the infrastructure at Nsefu School. The original school buildings are now dangerously dilapidated and although classed as unusable one room is still used for classes.
Visits and help
Nsefu School is not far from Kawaza and if you wish to visit the school please contact Project Luangwa. 
If you would like to make a donation to help Nsefu Basic School please go to our donate page.
2007: Building work  continues on the new classroom blocks
2010 - Two 1 x 3 classroom blocks giving six classrooms
The original building; one classroom is still in use
In spite of its condition and lack of
desks this classroom is still used
You need good eyesight to see the wrting
on this old blackboard
 Project Luangwa delivers textbooks
for Grade 8
 Grade 8 unpacks their textbooks
Wednesday afternoon Chess Club
The 'naughty stump'?


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