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Breakthrough to Literacy

Mother-tongue literacy course for the first three years of schooling

Breakthrough to Literacy (BLT) is a literacy programme developed by the Schools' Council in the UK and adapted by the Molteno Project for African Schools and Local Languages.  Mfuwe is in Eastern Zambia and Cinyanja (Nyanga) is the language spoken at home.  BLT books are published by Longman South Africa and are available from Longman in Lusaka.

The Breakthrough to Literacy Program's characteristics are:

  • Learner-centeredness: encourages active participation

  • Ability grouping: enables each learner to move at his/her own pace within a supportive group.

  • Self-pacing: allows individual learners to select their next phase of development.

  • Small-group work: provides a secure learning environment and on-going consolidation.

  • Critical thinking: develops crucial thinking skills and enables learners to work independantly.

  • Phonic regularity: capitalises on the phonic regularity and spelling systems of indigenous African languages.

These books are part of the Zambian Educational system and cost $3.95 each. 


Donate a full kit

  A class of 50 children would need a kit comprising:

  •  1 teacher's sentance marker
  •  1 teacher's sentance holder
  •  25 learners' books
  •  50 pupils' sentance markers
  •  4 readers' sets
  •  1 set of conversation posters
  •  1 set of phonic frieze posters
  •  1 word store

A kit of this size would cost (to be announced)

If you would like to donate a full literacy kit please email Project Luangwa or click here.

Find out more about this programme from the publisher.


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