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  •   To increase the number of children able to attend school and have the chance of an education.
  •   To increase the number of classrooms and pupil places available.
  •   To improve educational facilities at schools in the Luangwa Valley.
  •   To improve the standard of education and exam pass rate.
  •   To increase the number of qualified teachers and standard of teaching.
  •   To assist vulnerable children to attend school by increasing pupil sponsorship.
  •   To help more gifted children fulfil their potential by gaining a tertiary education.

Vocational Training and Self Help

  •   To build and develop a Vocational Training Centre and train local people in vocational trades.
  •   To train people in the skills required to fulfil the needs of local employers. 
  •   To enable people to develop the skills required to start and sustain their own small business.

Small Business Development

  •   To assist local people to develop their own self-sustaining small businesses
  •   Provide ongoing support to established small businesses.
  •   To encourage and assist women in establishing an income to support their families.

Community Support

  • ♦  Assist in the development of community infrastructure.
  • ♦  Assist in the provision of clean water sources.


  • ♦  To encourage the use of alternative technology, particularly methods that reduce the use of firewood.
  •   To work closely with existing conservation charities and organisations, particularly in the field of education.


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