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Throughout South Luangwa many children live too far away from a secondary school to be able to travel there daily. For them there are two options - go to a boarding school or forget about an education after Grade 9. However the cost of travelling to a distant boarding school is too expensive for many families and this has prompted Mfuwe Day Secondary School to offer unofficial boarding accommodation.
For the past few years the boys boarding at Mfuwe Day' have been accommodated in an old disused classroom belonging to Mfuwe Basic School. The building is unsuitable and in need of refurbishment.
Four to a bunk
In this classroom sleep 78 boys; the youngest just 13 years old.  There are not enough bunk beds and so four boys will share each set; two up and two down. There is nowhere to keep clothes and no privacy. During the hotter months it is difficult for the boys to sleep and this results in them trying to catch up on sleep during the day which is not an ideal situation as they should be studying. In these overcrowded conditions illness can spread quickly. 
More funds needed
Kind guests of Mfuwe lodge and the Bushcamp Company have donated the funds to build two new dormitories. However we still need to raise funds for cupboards for their clothes plus more bunk beds and new mattresses. 
The boys will need somewhere to wash and so the funds for two ablution blocks and a borehole are needed urgently.
If you would like to help please go to our donate page to make a donation. 
A boy cleans his teeth outside the disused classroom where he and 77 others sleep.
The cramped and overcrowded conditions of the disused classroom used as an boys' unofficial  dormitory


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