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In line with our enironmental policy whenever we build infrastucture we plant trees . . . and at Mfuwe Day Secondary School it is no different. 
The land for the school was generously donated by his Royal Highness Chief Kakumbi but has remained overgrown for some years.  When Project Luangwa started building the two new 1 x 3 classroom blocks it was clear that something had to be done in order to keep the pupils of the school safe. 
Most of the site was covered in "buffalo beans" (which cause a painful itch on contact). These were painfully removed by hand as the bush was cleared.  Several snakes were encouraged to leave the site including a puff adder, a cobra and a mamba. After removing all the scrub (but carefully keeping the trees) the land was ready for the digger loaned by Mfuwe Lodge to come and remove the larger root balls.  Next came the grader loaned by the Zambian Wildlife Authority and a couple of days was spent leveling the land. 
Before the start of the 2011/2012 rainy season we will set out paths to connect the classrooms and plant over 200 indigenous shade trees.
Mfuwe Lodge's digger carefully works around the trees in order to remove the bigger root balls left from the scrub bushes.
Plans for Mfuwe Day Secondary School
This plan of the school site shows the current and planned classroom blocks and the proposed layout of the school grounds. The green circles show only an approximation of the numbers and position of the trees as there are plans to plant around 200 indegenous shade trees in this area.


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