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No classrooms since 2005
Matula Secondary School is one of only two secondary schools in the Mfuwe area and lies close to the airport.
Since its beginning in 2005 it has had no usable infrastructure of its own and is forced to conduct lessons in classrooms borrowed from Matula Basic School. "On loan" from the Basic School are just four classrooms and two of these are only half built and have no windows. 
Bring your own chair
What little furniture they have belongs to the teachers' District Reference Library (with only about 30 books) and pupils are asked to bring their own chairs - if they have one. Coming from poor families who survive by subsistence farming, few will have furniture such as this at home so many pupils sit on the floor. 
The staff room is a grass thatched chitenge between the two classrooms and Grade 9 must make do with sitting in the shade of a tarpaulin tied to trees and posts.
When the school was started in 2005 work commenced on some teachers' housing but, although now occupied, these remain largely unfinished due to a lack of funds. 
The unfinished new school
In 2008 Matula received plans and the first stage of a grant from the Zambian Government to build a whole new school and Cheif Mnkhanya donated land closeby for the project. Unfortunately in 2009 work came to a stop when the Education Minister left office and funds dried up. 
Matula has around 250 enrolled pupils in Grades 10 to 12. Surrounded by 55 villages and with up to 20 possible feeder schools attendance would rise if the unfinished classroom block were to be completed. Meanwhile Matula students continue to study for the most important exams of their life (the equivelent of O'levels) in very difficult conditions.
Orhans and vulnerable pupils
Of the 250 enrolled pupils, 87 are orphans and  117 are classed as vulnerable. There were 5 recorded teenage  pregnancies at the school in 2010.
An unfinished classroom used for lessons
where window sills double as seats
Matula Secondary: bring your own chair if you want a seat
Grade 10 Classroom; tarpaulin tied to trees ans sticks:
Project Luangwa plans for Matula: a project for 2010


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