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Building work is progressing well at Mfuwe Day School. The site is cleared and the foundations are now being dug for both new classroom blocks. A large team of workers is also on site to mould the bricks that we are going to be using. Traditionally these buildings are constructed using locally made brick that requires the bricks to be burnt. This uses a great deal of hard wood and has in the past caused significant deforestation.

At Project Luangwa we have taken the step of using concrete blocks that are made on site using Zambian cement. This is a more environmentally sustainable practice.

This building project has helped to provide a significant employment opportunity for local skilled and unskilled workers. We are on schedule for a grand opening at the beginning of Term 3. We will keep you informed of how we progress. Click here to read more about the work we are doing at Mfuwe Day School..



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