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There is one thing that the majority of the schools in South Luangwa have in common  - and that is too few teachers - which leads to an average pupil:teacher ratio of 80:1. It is impossible for the teacher to give each child enough attention and as a result the children's standard of education suffers.
How you can help - Sponsor a teacher's employment

Some qualified and unqualified teachers will teach at a school on a voluntary basis but this is not sustainable for them in the long term as often they have their own families to support. Project Luangwa helps by paying a small subsistence allowance to 15 teachers in the Kawaza area. The amount is not large but enough to supplement the food their family grows.

You can help by sponsoring the support of a teacher for a year. For just $75 per month - that's about £50 - you can enable an untrained teacher to work at a Primary School. For $100 a month we can pay an allowance to a fully trained and qualified teacher.
How you can help - Teacher Training

Many of our pupils leave school with the dream of becoming a teacher.   However due to family poverty and a background of subsistence farming they lack the finances to be able to pay for their training.  Many are orphans and have shown such ability and promise that it would be a true waste of their education and talent if they were unable to teach future generations. 

In Zambia a teacher qualified to teach up to Grade 7 level takes two years to train and a secondary school teacher, able to teach to Grade 12,  takes 3 years. At an average cost of about KW 9,000,000 a year for tuition fees, boarding and stationery materials this is beyond reach for most Mfuwe residents.
Through Project Luangwa you can sponsor a local person to be trained as a teacher for around US $3000 to $3500 a year. We ensure that teachers trained through our sponsorship scheme return to work in the South Luangwa community. 

Meet the students who need support to become teachers

Currently we have no students waiting to attend college. 
The next intake is July


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