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Few schools in rural Zambia have enough infrastructure to be able to teach all the kids living in the surrounding area. Classes are overcrowded, toilet facilities are very basic (if they exist at all). There are also problems with fresh water, lack of science labs and libraries, as well a a desperate shortage of teachers housing
At Project Luangwa we are working closely with the Ministry of Education and local schools to help solve some of these problems. It is our aim to construct buildings that are designed to suit their purpose and environment. They also need to be able to last the test of time.
Whilst it would be great if you wished to donate enought for a complete building, anything that you donate will help. Even if it is just enough to buy a small bag of nails.
The following is a list of buildings that we are planning to erect at the different schools in the Mfuwe are:
A basic hygiene requirement for all schools. These are simple ventilated pit latrines. Each latrine has two seperate toilets.
Currently girls attend school for only 3 weeks out of every 4 as they have little or no access to commercial sanitary wear and their homemade replacements are not particularly effective.  We encourage girls to attend every week by providing specially designed toilets with a private wash area.  Each toilet costs arround $4000.
Ablution blocks for boarders
Where a secondary school takes in boarding pupils they need to have an ablution block near to the dormitories. These ablutions provide toilets, showers, washing areas and somewhere for them to do their laundry.
Mfuwe Day Secondary School has over 150 pupils boarding but has no ablution block for boys or girls. We have raised the funds for a boys' ablution block and now need to raise $40,000 for one for the girls.
Can you help?
Borehole Water Pump
Water is life. No one can survive without it and having access to clean, safe drinking water is vital. Especially for children. There are 68,862 people living in the Mambwe distric of Zambia, but less than 60% have access to clean drinking water from a bore hole or protected well.
It costs just $7000 to drill and install a bore hole at a school. The water not only helps the school children and teachers but can provide for up to 50 local households.
1x2 Classroom Block
A very simple design that provides two medium sized classrooms as well as a teachers office, storeroom and a strongroom for storing exam papers and valuable items.
We would normally build this type of classroom block for the smaller community schools such as Uyoba.
1x3 Classroom Block (Basic Schools)
Simple 3 classroom block with 2 teachers offices and storerooms. This classroom block will enable up to 180 children to be taught at any one time.
We need to raise funds to build these blocks at several overcrowded school in South Luangwa.
1x3 Classroom Block (Secondary Schools)
A significantly larger design of classroom is required for secondary schools. These blocks have 3 classrooms and 4 large store rooms. They are also wired for lighting and mains power sockets.
We have just completed the second of 2 new buildings of this type at Mfuwe Day Secondary School.
Most kids attending secondary school are not fortunate enough to live close enough to school to allow them to commute daily. The vast majority need to stay in boarding.
Mfuwe Day Secondary School has very limited boarding facilities. There are far more kids needing to board than their are spaces available. Each new dormitory is able to house 48 kids. It provides a basic safe environment for them to live and lighting to allow them to study in the evenings. Each dormitory costs $40,000 with another $9500 to kit it out with beds, lockers, mattresses and curtains. We have recently built two boys' dormitories but need a further two.
Teacher's houses
All teachers need somewhere to live for themselves and their family. Very few teachers are ever posted to where they are originally from. Being a rural area rented housing is almost imposible to find and the teachers pay is low. This is why all schools try and provide housing for their staff.
We use a simple design pf house that is approved by the Ministry of Education.
If you would like to give a donation towards a building please email to see where there is the greatest need.  If you prefer to give to a specific school please indicate this in your email. To donate simply go to the Donate page and choose the method which suits you best. PayPal and Just Giving are the fastest and easiest methods for us to track your donation.


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