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From one open-air classroom to . . . 
We’ve known about Mwendakwisano Community School for many years and like most community schools (little places of learning started by villagers when their nearest government school is too far away for the children for their children) it started as a small grass thatched shelter with one volunteer teacher.  But these grass shelters don’t last forever and one very windy day we witnessed the entire school blown away in a particularly strong gust of wind.  The villagers rebuilt it, as well as a brick store which was later used as a classroom. With no windows and the only light coming through the doorway, it was a dark place to try and learn. 
. . . to a proper little school
We are very proud to say that last month a celebration was held to open a brand new classroom block with three large, bright and airy classrooms plus 4 double VIP toilets all generously funded by Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank, a German bank who have also funded a teacher’s house, desks, text books and stipends for volunteer teachers at Mwendakwisano.
The bank’s CEO, Mr Herbert Pfenning  wanted his staff to get really involved with the project and over two years sent out employees -  more used to desks and spread sheets -  to clear sports fields, paint toilets, build shelters and playground equipment and much, much more. Every one of them worked with a huge amount of enthusiasm and achieved a lasting legacy for the children. 
This little school now has well over 200 pupils and teaches up to grade 4. Each year a further grade will be added until there are 7 grades.    
Building work in progress
1x3 Classroom block 
Classroom interior
Scenes from the opening ceremony 
Showing appreciation by traditional dancing
The District Commissioner 
DIY musical instrument
CEO Herbert Pfenning was presented with locally made gifts . . . .
. . . . and a chicken 
The DC rails against early marriages
Cutting the ribbon 


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