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The team in the main 'hub' in Lusaka provide project management, comprehensive monitoring, evaluation and reporting, technical support, selection and training of coaches, ongoing research and development, course design, communications with partners and donors and a raft of operational and administrative tasks.
The advanced reporting systems used by the Edulution team enables them to monitor precisely the progress of each coach and each student. Each pupil has their own unique log in and pass word and at the start of every session will log in to his or her tablet, log in and out for each break and out again at the end of the session thus giving an accurate account of their activities. 
Once a week the coach uploads all 300 pupils', and their own working activities, to the Cloud meaning that we will have access to information that is never more than a week old. Up to date reports will be available to send to donors either regularly or on request. Coaches are paid only for the logged hours of their pupils and this encourages them not to miss lessons and turn up on time. 
Edulution has one of the best M&E technical reporting systems that we have seen anywhere. With the coaches' occasional internet access (over a mobile network) their student activity data is regularly uploaded for monitoring and evaluation from wherever there is network - and the Cloud makes the data available for access anywhere around the world. 
Let's have a look at the effectiveness of Edulution
The chart (right) shows the average improvement over a 140 day test cycle of children who have written more than Testing took place in all Edulution Centres open at that time. 
The average increase overall is 48% in 140 days. 


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