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Project Luangwa builds 2 new classroom blocks
At the beginning of 2011 a guest at Flatdogs Camp heard about Mfuwe Day Secondary School's lack of classrooms and kindly donated funds for a new 1 x 3 classroom block. Mr Fergus Lyons, who is the Director of St Helen's Rugby League Club, made this substantial personal donation in order to help the children of Mfuwe.  Project Luangwa, Flatdogs Camp and everyone at Mfuwe Day Secondary School would like to thank Mr Lyons for his kind generosity.
Concerned about the number of children who have to leave the area for secondary education Mfuwe Lodge and The Bush Camp Company very generously raised the funds for another 1 x 3 classroom block. During 2011 the two blocks were built concurrently under the management of Project Luangwa.
In line with the Project Luangwa environmental policy we decided to use cement block rather than the traditional local building material, locally made burnt brick. This saved a huge number of hardwood trees that would have been used as fuel to fire the bricks. 
The first block was finished just in time for the start of Term 3 and was officially opened by the Zambian Permanent Secretary for Education, Mr Andrew Phiri on 5th September 2011. 
Mfuwe Day Secondary School's first 1 x 3 classroom blocks - 
Image diary 
29/04/11  - digging the foundations
19,000 cement blocks were made on site
03/06/11 - laying the concrete slab
20/06/11 - work starts on the walls
22/06/11 - work on the rear wall
23/07/11 - building the gable end
23/07/11 - work on the gable end
23/07/11 - inspecting the corridor
24/07/11 - window frames for the rear wall
27/07/11 - windows in the rear wall
 17/8/11 - clearing the ground for landscaping
17/08/11 - laying the drains 
29/08/11 - the first block is nearly finished and waits for the exterior painters  
29/08/11 - the second building is a little behind  the first
29/08/11 - gable end waits for the sign writer
05/09/11 - pupils wait for the official opening to start
05/09/11 - Dave speaks for Project Luangwa
05/09/11 - the PS, Mr Andrew Phiri cuts the ribbon with the help of Mr Fergus lyons
07/09/11 - pupils in the new classroom for the first time
07/09/11 - new desks for every classroom
05/09/11 - Building dedication


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