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A school with no classrooms
Tucked away in the centre of Mfuwe are two schools; Mfuwe Basic School and Mfuwe Day Secondary. You would be forgiven for being unable to tell which is which because the Secondary school, having almost no classrooms of its own, is forced to borrow ones belonging to the Basic School.
Since the its start in 2001 the school has held classes in classrooms at Mfuwe Basic School, the primary School next door.  this has put a tremendous pressure of the basic school and it is not unusual to find over 100 pupils in a class.
New plans
As the number of pupils increased at Secondary level plans were drawn for an entire new school; an ambitious venture with nine classrooms in three blocks, two science laboratories, a home economics block, a library, an assembly hall, teachers houses, dormitories and a kitchen. Ambitious not for just its design but because no one knew how the funds were to be found. 
Building starts on the school's first 1 x 3 classroom block
The Head Mistress, newly arrived at the start of 2010, rallied the community into making bricks and made a start on building Mfuwe Day Secondary School's first 1 x 3 classroom block. The money for this is raised through school fees and the start of each term sees a flurry of building activity lasting as long as funds allow. In 2011 a timely donation by a kind supporter of Project Luangwa provided 125 bags of cement enabling the building to reach roof level.
Generous donations make it three 
In 2011 Mfuwe Lodge and a generous guest at Flatdogs Camp stepped forward to help build a new 1 x 3 classroom block. Find out more.  Then shortly afterwards a second donation from Mfuwe Lodge and the Bushcamp Company helped fund a second block of three classrooms.
Why stop there? Let's build a whole school!
Even with the these new 1 x 3 classroom blocks built by Project Luangwa there is not enough space to accomodate all the pupils in the area who have qualified for a place at Secondary School level. We already have funds to build two dormitories for the boys who live too far from school to be able to travel daily and currently sleep in a disused classroom. Following that we hope to build a large block with 4 classrooms, offices and a staffroom.
Visit the School and See for Yourself
Visits to Mfuwe Day Secondary School to meet the teachers and pupils or view the new site may be arranged through Project Luangwa, Mfuwe Lodge, Flatdogs Camp or your host lodge or camp. 
Working on the community funded classroom block
A donation to Project Luangwa bought 125 bags of cement for the
community funded 1 x 3 classroom block
Mfuwe Secondary School's first 1 x 3


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