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Matula Secondary School is one of only two secondary schools in the Mfuwe area. Like Mfuwe Day Secondary School it has little infrastructure of its own and is forced to conduct lessons in classrooms borrowed from Matula Basic School.  "On loan" from the Basic School are just four classrooms and two of these are only half built and have no windows. 
These classrooms have been on loan for years but the Basic School desperately needs them back as their annual intake has dramatically increased and they are having to use a grass thatched hut in which to teach Grade 4. 
What little furniture they have belongs to a teachers' reference library (with only about 30 books) and pupils in some classes are asked to bring a chair . . .  if they have one. Coming from poor families who survive by subsistence farming, few have chairs at home. The staff room is a grass thatched chitenge.
Matula Secondary School teaches approximately 400 students in Grades 10 to 12.  It has a large catchment area with up to a possible 30 feeder Basic Schools that teach to Grade 9.
The unfinished new school
In 2008 Matula received plans and a grant from the Zambian Government to build a whole new school. the plan was that the grant be given as each stage was completed. The local Chief donated some land and building started on the main block of four classrooms, complete with offices and a staff room. It's an exciting building and a new ambitious design previously unseen in the area.
Unfortunately in 2009 work came to a stop when the Education Minister left office and funds dried up. Since then the unfinished building has stood open to the weather whilst the pupils of Matula Secondary School study for the most important exams of their school life in appalling conditions. Close to the main school building are four incomplete staff houses and four half built toilet blocks.  The good news is that there is at least a completed and working bore hole producing safe drinking water.
How to help
It is estimated that to complete the main school building and toilets will cost approximately US $35,000. If you would like to help this or any of the other schools in the area please go to our donate page to make a donation but don't forget to email us and tell us which of our projects you wish to support.
Furniture needed
As the school has no furniture we will be looking to provide a minimum of 100 desks and we are trying a new design.  In compliance with our conservation policy we are avoiding the use of traditional local hardwoods and looking at develop metal ones instead.  Book shelves, teacher desks and chairs and staff room furniture are also on the shopping list.
However it doesn't stop there. It goes without saying that every school here has a shortage of text books and libraries, reading and reference books are nonexistent.
And we haven't even thought as far as computers, photocopiers and printers.
An unfinished classroom borrowed from the Basic School where pupils must bring their own chairs. 
Window sills double as seats in a classroom with few chairs.
The "staff room" with plenty of fresh air.
 The rather grand front elevation of the new school
The rear view of the half completed block.
Assessing the work at the rear of the building Half built classrooms await roof trusses.  The finished bore hole supplies safe drinking water. 


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