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Every Secondary  School needs a good library, well stocked and with space for students to study. Mfuwe Day Secondary School is no exception.
 Mfuwe Day Secondary School has never had the privilege of having a library and without such a basic resource the pupils have very little chance to look at reference books or to expand their English Language skills by reading fiction.
The Zambia school curriculum is based on the English Language, yet there is almost no literature available at the school. And when your family is struggling to feed themselves books don't usually appear on the shopping list.  So, without either reference books or the internet, research is practically impossible.
Our library design will provide shelf space for 14,500 books as well as desk and seating space for 34 students, along with a place for the full time librarian and photocopying facilities.
It will cost $33,000 to build the library, with a further $7,000 required to provide desks and shelving.
So how much have we raised so far?
Project Luangwa was very fortunate to receive a grant of $23,000 from the Estelle Trust  which was a great boost towards the total cost. In addition we have funds raised by Project Luangwa and the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust for transporting 4000 dictionaries from the UK to Mfuwe and the surplus will go towards this project adding another $4,000.
Just a few thousand needed
This means that we only need a further $6,000 to allow us to start the building work. Once we have achieved this it will be time to look for funds to furnish the building and shelving, study desks and benches will cost a further $7,000.  If you think that you can help then please donate by visiting our donation page.









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