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2 Classroom Physics and Chemistry Laboratory - Mfuwe Day Secondary School
In 2001 the local education authority rightly thought that Mfuwe needed a secondary school and Mfuwe Day Secondary School came into existence - but it had no infrastructure - and taught its pupils in classrooms borrowed from the neighbouring Basic School. In 2011 Project Luangwa built two new 1 x 3 classroom blocks giving the school its first six proper classrooms.  But what about teaching science?
The teaching of sciences is critical to the rounded education of everyone who attends secondary school and wants to achieve good marks in their final exams. Mfuwe Secondary School has had to struggle with a very poorly equipped mobile science kit, using ordinary classrooms without even facilities such as running water, gas or fume cupboards.

The school needs two science blocks giving four classrooms for teaching Physics, Chemistry and Biology to over 600 pupils. But to build just one double classroom block and provide the necessary workstations, fume cupboards, gas and water supplies will cost $53,000.

Thank you to All our Donors
We have now reached our target funding for this building. We would like to give special thanks to the Aall Foundation, Nakupenda and the Estelle Trust. We hope to start building in August.
We will be posting photographs of our progress here on the website and on our FaceBook  page.
We have reached Our target  $53,000


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