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In 1932 The University Mission to Africa established a small school in a remote rural area of the Luangwa Valley. In 1964 it was taken over by the government of the newly independent Zambia but, over the following years, became extremely dilapidated.
When it was threatened with closure Jo Pope, from Robin Pope Safaris, stepped in to help and in 1988 started the Kawaza School Fund (now Project Luangwa). At first just a borehole and pump were installed but Jo continued to raise money and make small improvements.
Classrooms are no good without teachers
In 2004 the Romilly Forshall Foundation donated £22,000 to pay for new classrooms. But classrooms are no use without teachers and the fund started to pay a small living allowence to a few volunteer teachers making it possible to reduce the teacher pupil ratio to an acceptable level. That same year the community itself built 3 teachers’ houses and 5 single toilets.
As funds grew more work was undertaken and the school now has 9 classrooms plus 1 for pre-school children, 3 twin toilet blocks, 5 teachers’ houses, 2 boreholes and an overseas volunteer’s house. A library was completed in 2009. Recent RPS clients have donated a solar power system, a television and a video.
Kawaza teaches up to Grade 9 and has over 1000 pupils. Project Luangwa pays monthly allowances to 5 volunteer teachers.
Lets get other schools to this standard
Over the years Kawaza Basic School has been well supported with funds from many generous donors. With regard to infrastructure and equipment it far outstrips many other schools in South Luangwa. Project Luangwa  is working hard to bring its other supported schools up to this standard.  I
In 2010 the original Kawaza School Fund came under Project Luangwa, a registered charity with a far broader remit. 
If you would like to see our work at Kawaza please contact Project Luangwa so we can arrange for you to visit. 
To donate and help other schools get to the standard of Kawza Basic School please click here




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