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From humble beginnings . . .
In 2006 Kawaza Basic School was bursting at the seams and too far for many small children to reach from their villages. The community approached The Kawaza School Fund for help to start a small community school. Teaching started in 2007 with 95 pupils and took place under the thatched roof of an open-sided chitenge.

By 2009 the number of pupils had increased to 129 and enough funds were raised to start building a new 1 x 3 classroom block. In early 2010 as soon as the new classrooms were completed they were fully occupied by noisy children. Three untrained volunteer teachers receiving a small living allowance from the Fund made up the staff. That same year four new toilet blocks, a teacher's house and a borehole were added and in October 2010 the Education Board provided two qualified teachers, husband and wife team, Lackson and Ireen Nyirenda.  
Pupils increase
Word soon got around the surrounding villages.  At the end of Lackson's first week there were 135 enrolled pupils.  By the following Monday afternoon the number had risen to 181. By January 2011 enrolment had risen to 312 . . .  and the number keeps rising.
The couple have great plans for the school. They have already started a Grade 4 class as well as a popular pre-school. In January 2012 they will introduce a class for Grade 5.  Staff and pupils have cleared adjacent ground for a sports field and Ireen has started a class for basket weaving. If she can lay her hands on the materials she also wants to introduce a sewing class.
In partnership with Elmtree
Katapila Community School is twinned with Elmtree School in the UK and the children correspond by letters and recorded sound bites. Elmtree have raised funds for textbooks and partnered Katapila in a tree planting scheme. In September 2011 two Elmtree teachers will spend a week at Katapila Community School.
Classes started in a thatched 'chitenge'
2010: the new 1 x 3 classroom block
2010: Bright and airy classrooms
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