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All building projects in rural Zambia need a store to keep all the tools and materials secure so when building started at Katapila Community School in 2009 that was the first thing to be built.
Work then started on the main 1 x 3 classroom block (a 1 x 3 is one main building comprising three classrooms and an office or two).  The Katapila building has two offices but the Deputy Head has given up her office so the the children may have a library.  Katapila is unusual as few rural schools can boast a library. Soon to follow were the toilets and a bore hole with hand pump.
Last to be built was the 3 bedroomed teacher's house which was completed in September 2010. 
2007: Classes took place under the roof of a thatched 'chitenge'
2010: Katapila 1 x 3 classroom block
2010:  Katapila 1 x 3 classroom block
2010: the unfinished teacher's house
2010: New toilets
2011: Teacher's house fully occupied
2011: bright clean classrooms


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