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Small beginnings
In Cheif Nsefu's cheifdom, in the area between the Msandile River and Nsefu Basic School lie many small villages. To the south east is Chiutika Basic School and to the north Nsefu Basic School but these are too far for many children to be able to reach easily and safely. So in 2006, with the help of the Kawaza School Fund (now Project Luangwa) the local community built a thatched chitenge to use as a classroom and this became known as Kapita Community School.
By 2008 attendance had increased to over 200 pupils and enough money had been raised to build a teacher's house and toilet block as well as pay a small living allowance to the volunteer teachers.
Over the following 2 years a 1 x 3 classroom block and another teacher's house were built and the Mambwe Education Board sent Kapita two trained and government  paid teachers.  The local community responded by building second toilet block. By this time the Kawaza School Fund had come under the umbrella of Project Luangwa and the school was teaching grades 1 to 7.  However the school had no borehole as all attempts to find water had failed.
   Disaster strikes
Then the poor rainfall in 2012 and 2013, followed by heavy rains caused the ground surrounding the school to contract and expand. Soon cracks appeared in the walls of the teachers' houses and classrooms and the local Building Officer confirmed subsidence. By early 2014 the houses and one classroom had been condemned as too dangerous to use and we became very concerned about the future fate of the school.  
However there was hope.  
A previous visitor Neil Collen of the Livingstone Partners Spanish branch had already offered to help the school and now the company came forward to fund building a new Kapita Community School on more stable ground a couple of kilometers away.  They donated enough funds to build a 1 x 4 classroom block and a teachers' house. 
Click through the galleries below to follow what
happened next . . .
Humble beginnings;
Kapita Community School in 2006
Kapita kids and the 1 x 3 classroom block in 2010 
Subsidence and the cracks
just get wider . . .
Emergency Classrooms
Livingstone Partners come
to the rescue
Kapita goes technical with iSchool 
Classrooms without walls ! 
The new borehole
Ree and Julianne - visitors from
The American School of Valencia 
More visitors 
Everyone gets a uniform 


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