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"An African safari - how it really should be experienced. One-on-one encounters with truly wild animals and a team that go that extra mile for you both at camp and in the
  Andy Rouse
Kaingo and Mwamba camps are the creations of the Shenton family, which has a proud history of three generations of wildlife conservation in Southern Africa. Derek Shenton, who built and now runs these camps with his wife Juliet, is the son of Barry Shenton, a former Parks Ranger in Luangwa and Warden of Kafue National Park.
Derek has developed Kaingo and Mwamba into camps that are well known for exceptional game-viewing in a beautiful, yet relaxed atmosphere. In spite of numerous opportunities to expand we have kept our operation intimate, Kaingo 12 beds and Mwamba 6 beds, to ensure our guests have an exclusive and unique wildlife experience second to none.
Situated on the west bank of the Luangwa river opposite the Nsefu sector, we are completely national park bound! The area around Kaingo and Mwamba allows visitors to experience this ancient valley without interference from human settlement. This also means that wildlife is able to follow its natural migrations undisturbed by fishing or hunting by humans. Deep in the park and far from the busy Mfuwe area, visitors to our camps also enjoy the solitude of being away from other safari vehicles - there are no other camps in the immediate game-viewing area.
Over the course of the past 20 years, donating on our own and with the generosity of our guests, we have supported our own community projects,  such as starting the Hanada orphanage, building infrastructures supplying equipment and manpower, helping desperate children in dire medical situations such as Veronica Lungu. We strongly felt however that more was needed. And in 2009 we were connected with a few like-minded operators who preferred to join forces and combine resources to achieve better results for the local community. It has been so rewarding to see all we’ve achieved in the community since Project Luangwa was founded.