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Justin Banda
Justin Banda had always wanted to be a teacher. He was born in 1989 and his mother died in 1995 when he was six years old.  Like most kids in Zambia getting an education has been a struggle for Justin but through sheer determination he managed to reach Grade 12 and take his final exams.
He lived with his father until 2004 when he was sent to Mfuwe to live with his Uncle Lazarous. By this time Justin had completed Grade 7 and was sent to attend Mfuwe Basic School for Grade 8. When he discovered that his reading and writing was not of an adequate standard he chose to repeat Grades 6 and 7. Justine did well enough in his Grade 9 exams to be selected for a school in Lundazi but was unable to attend for financial reasons. In spite of various problems he completed his final year at school in 2010 and passed all 8 subjects to attain his School Certificate. 
Justin was desparate to become a teacher and approached Project Luangwa for help with his expenses and fees. But, although we advertised for a sponsor none came forward by the time Justin had to leave for his first term at college so we took a chance and covered his first terms expences from our emergency fund. 
He is a sensitive, likeable, eloquent and very determined young man. His battle to get an education has been a long one and has been made harder due to his disability.  Justin was born able to hear but has experienced a loss of hearing that started when he was a child.  He is partially deaf but doesn't see this as a problem to becoming a teacher.
Following our appeal we were delighted to have a sponsor come forward. A very kind lady from Oregan has kindly offered to support Justin through his college course.
This means that Justin can now become the teacher that he has always wanted to be. He has now completed his first term and has already become the top pupil in his year.
We are pleased to announce that Justin has found a sponsor


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