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Pupils in rural areas of Zambia face many challenges when trying to get an education -


*large class sizes - sometimes up to 100 pupils to a class.

*too few qualified teachers - teachers are often untrained volunteers.

*few text books -  sometimes just 1 book in each subject for the whole class.

*teachers with low moral from teaching overcrowded classes with no resourses resulting in many taking unofficial time off

*Learning by rote - faced with big classes and one text book teachers often write notes on the blackboard for the pupils to copy.


One solution is iSchool and the new Zedupad


iSchool is a complete learning package covering the whole of the Primary Zambia curriculum.  For teachers there are lesson plans encouraging interactive learning and for the pupils there are thousands of fun colourful interactive lessons in English or one of the 8 local languages.
I visited a school where iSchool has been trialed for the last three years and the results are impressive - children are engaged and love learning with the ZeduPad, teachers take far less time off and have a heightened moral.
See an earlier version of iSchool in action

We are so impressed with iSchool and the ZeduPads that we will be raising funds to introduce them to schools here in South Luangwa.  The cost of supplying the tablets is not too much more than supplying full sets of text books.



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