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Each coach has a backpack containing 30 pupils' tablets as well as 1 each for themself and their assistant. The tablets are loaded with a a tailored version of the KA Lite, an offline version of the Khan Academy Maths Program used to help children all over the world. At the heart of each centre is a mini computer (the raspberry pi) that can serve these 30 tablets and runs off a portable battery. Along with the coaches' tablets this all forms a mobile learning centre and means that coaching sessions can take place anywhere and at any time. 
As the pupil works their progress is monitored on the coaches' and assistant coaches' tablets where it appears on a simple heat map.  Basically a red box means that the pupil needs help and a dark green one shows that they have mastered that topic.   
With occasional internet access - usually weekly and using a mobile network - student activity data is uploaded for monitoring and evaluation via the 'Cloud'.  This same technology tracks the pupils' logged hours and this determines the coaches' pay.
Instant and ongoing support is provided coach to coach or from the main hub via their own regional WhatsApp group. 


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