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Every student is given a baseline test and the results appear on a 'heat map' indicating their basic understanding of maths, in which subjects they are doing well and in which they are struggling.
The pupil will then start their own individual journey of learning by working through their own 'play list'. Pupils work at their own pace learning from video tutorials and games and mastering each topic by doing exercises. With a dashboard of live data coaches are constantly aware of the pupils' progress and intervene when necessary to facilitate the student's journey. 
Pupils need to show that they have a good working understanding at each stage of a topic by achieving good scores before the program will allow them to continue to the next.  As well as help from the coach pupils are encouraged to seek help from their peers. This means that a learner has several options: he or she can watch an instructional video; or click on the help button; or seek help from friends, or from the coach or the assistant. 
The whole process is supported and monitored by the team in the central hub who in turn report back to the sponsors. Putting it all together provides a powerful mechanism that delivers a very effective maths program.


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