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We know you won’t change Africa but you can make a difference . . .
There are many ways you can help Project Luangwa and we are always happy to receive offers of assistance, be it from individuals, families or organised groups.
Make a donation . . .
Project Luangwa relies upon your donations to enable it to help the communities and in particular the children of South Luangwa.
If you make a donation to a specific cause or appeal 100% of your money is guaranteed to directly benefit that project.
Click here for to find out about the many ways to donate. 
Sponsor a Pupil . . . and make a lasting difference
Project Luangwa arranges sponsorship to cover the costs of education for orphaned and vulnerable children who would otherwise never have the chance of going to school. 
Sponsorship is one of the most effective and rewarding ways to make a lasting difference to a child’s life . . . and it couldn’t be easier.

Click here to find out how you sponsor a child.
Class to Class . . . connecting kids across the world 
Class to Class connects a classroom full of students in one of our South Luangwa schools to another elsewhere in the World.
Our aim is to assist and encourage lasting and supporting partnerships between teachers and pupils in Mfuwe and those in another country. We hope that children of diverse backgrounds will be able to understand their different cultures. 
Click here to find out how we can help twin your class, or even your whole school with a school in Mfuwe. 
Help us buy school textbooks 
. . . our goal is one text book for every two kids
A Zambian Primary School text books costs about $9, that’s about £6 and can be shared by two or three pupils.  
$190 to $280 will buy enough textbooks for a whole class of 60 or more children plus a teacher's guide.
Click here to find out more about helping us provide text books for schools. 
Volunteer:  . . .  for a month or more.
There is always a lot to do at Project Luangwa and if you would like to come to Mfuwe to help have a look at what we have to offer. 
If you are a teacher and would like to work on our Literacy Scheme in a school click here.
If you have other skills click here to see other volunteer opportunities.
If you would like to donate enough funds to paint a classroom, or even two . . . and come and paint it yourself,  or the funds to buy trees and teach kids the value of reforrrestation click here.
Pack something extra . . .
small space - little effort - huge impact
Got a bit of room to spare in your bag? Pop in a few small bits and pieces to donate to a school.
Click here to find out what to bring and what happens when it gets here.
Spread the word . . .
Tell a friend about Project Luangwa and help spread the word. The more people to know about us the greater our chance of successfully improving the lives of the children who live in and around Mfuwe. 
Click here to send a link to your friends.
You tell us . . .
Perhaps you have ideas of your own about how you can help Project Luangwa. If so we'd love to hear from you. Click here to send us an email.


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