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It all started with an email asking if we could raise the funds to buy a wheelchair for John, a small boy who had been born with legs that ended above the knee. 
We put an appeal in our newsletter and within a very short time had raised enough to buy not just one wheel chair, but two.  shortly afterwards we received an offer of a free wheelchair from John Oberg, Managing Director of Sandvik Mining and Construction in Zambia. At that time John and his wife worked with Wheelchairs for Kids, an Austalian organisation that makes very robust wheelchairs for children in developing countries. 
These chairs are designed for rough terrain with a strong aluminium subframe and puncture proof tyres. They come with a multi layered cushion, a tool kit and a few spares. They are of an unusual three wheel design; the front wheel being large enough to cope with rocks, uneven ground and mud.  The seat is plastic and and the chair can be left out in the rain. Since then we have received many more chairs from John and his wife including an updated design for children who have difficulties in supporting themselves in an upright position. 
During his time with Sandvic Mining John imported over 70 wheelchairs but (unfortunately for us) he has now moved on. 
We continue to work with disabled and sick children by we providing sponsorship for deaf or blind children to attend specialist schools in Chipata; working with the Touch Therapy Clinic in Mfuwe and providing transport and support for children and a parent or guardian to attend hospitals as far away as Lusaka. 
A wheelchair means you can go out round the village with your mates
Elvis and his family
Margory with her grandmother and siblings
Anderson and his mum 
Aida and her dad 
John - our original wheelchair recipient 
Aida - now in need of a larger chair
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Gift and his young mum


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