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Gerald Njobvu

Gerald wants to be a teacher more than anything but he is blind and his family are too poor to help him attend college.  At PL we believe that determination counts for a lot and Gerald has plenty of that. He expected no sympathy or special help but just wanted a chance of attending teacher training college. Project Luangwa believed that he deserved that chance.
Gerald's father died when he was 3 years old and he, and his 7 brothers and sisters have been brought up by his mother and step-father. When Gerald was a child he became ill with measles and the drugs that were administered affected his eyes. He tells me that he went to hospital to have an operation on one eye but when he awoke after the surgery he discovered that the surgeons had removed both his eyes. 
Gerald attended the Magwero School for the Blind in Chipata, about 120 km from Mfuwe.  He was supported at this time by an elder brother but he died 2 years ago. For many disabled children in South Luangwa Magwero is their only hope of getting an education; it is divided into two sections, one for the blind and the other for the deaf. Magwero already has four blind teachers and this is where Gerald hopes to teach once he has completed college.
The school teaches to grade 12 level and Gerald wants to specialise at Secondary level in History and Special Needs (teaching the blind). 
When interviewing applicants for sponsorship to attend a teacher training college my last question is always to myself. 'Would I like my children to be taught by this person?'
With Gerald I had no hesitation but to answer, 'Yes'.  He is a kind and personable young man and has an empathy with people that is not often seen.  And he is very determined to succeed.
Gerald has now found a sponsor
We are delighted to be able to announce that Geral has found a sponsor. NBI Human Capital Ltd have stepped forward and sponsored Gerald to go to University for the next three years. Thanks to NBI he will finally be able to acieve his dream of becoming a teacher.
This is a great example of how a company can achieve its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets and help individuals to overcome the barriers placed in their way.
We wish Gerald all of the best in his course.
Gerald dictated a letter to a friend so that he could tell Project Luangwa about himself. He apologises if there are any spelling mistakes as his friend was unable to continue education beyond grade 9.
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