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Zambians love their football in fact the population has a passion for it. It's a passion that unites young and old and the nation as a whole. When Kenneth Kaunda shouted "One nation, one Zambia", he could  have applied equally it to the country's unifying love of football as well as politics. 
Bare feet and no strips . . . . .
Ron Cowan at Kafunta Safaris in the Luangwa Valley loves his football too and so does his son Luke.  A couple of years ago Luke, then just 10 years old, started to sneak onto Kafunta Lodge's regular staff run into Mfuwe to play soccer with the local boys.  In next to no time Ron and a member of his staff got together and formed a team for boys under the age of 13 from the local village and named them "The Super Strikers".  Soon the idea caught on and local villages started to form their own teams too. 
Since the start only the Super Strikers had kit and it isn't surprising that the most of the boys play with bare feet. Then in June 2011 Project Luangwa was asked to get involved.  
 . . . . to proudly worn colourful kits
The first thing we did was to find kit for the other teams and, after an appeal in our newsletter we were able to give everyone a smart new strip after Ballinger's in the UK and Rob Ingham from Dubai donated several kits between them. 
The teams play every Saturday afternoon (and sometimes more often) but often get together after school for practise. These boys realise that they have to keep fit and out of trouble as well as do well at school in order to stay in their team.
You can support this project by donating strips for the teams, or bringing deflated footballs or boots when you visit South Luangwa. Boots need to be in sizes for older boys  - aged 12 years and above.
See our page on 'Pack Something Extra' for more details.


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