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Why we need your bras?
When we issued our sponsored girls with their new school blouses in January we noticed that many did not possess a bra.  Of the girls who did possess one the majority had bras that were ill-fitting, either too big or too small, or had elastic where the stretch had long since gone.
Salaula (literally meaning to rummage and the name given to the sale of clothes donated in the West at roadside market stalls) is big business here in Zambia and where the vast majority of rural Zambians buy their clothes.  Bras are hard to find and the ones for sale are usually past their best with regards to elasticity.
So we thought – ‘What about all those bras lurking in the back of every lady’s undies drawer?   And would guests travelling to South Luangwa pop one or two in an empty corner of their travel bag to donate to our Bring-a-Bra scheme?’
Styles and sizes
Most girls here are slightly built with small rib cages however many are often quite well developed. We need the small sizes  - 28", 30" and 32" - but with a variety of cup sizes right up to F & G cups. For a few of the younger girls we also need trainer bras and crop tops although our greatest need is small underwired bars no larger than 32".
Collecting bras to bring
Whether you bring just the one bra that no longer fits and has been hiding at the back of a drawer or you collect bras from your friends we’d be grateful for them all. We only ask that they are in good condition and are still firmly stretchy. 
We originally thought asking for just second hand bras in good condition.  However the recent success of a donor who went into their local bra shop and asked for a donation – and was given a huge pile of new bras - has made us wonder if other shops might have unwanted stock too.
If you are super-successful at collecting bras and have more than you can fit in your bag please get in touch and we’ll figure out a way of getting them here.
We give out bras  - and making sure they fit (we even train the girls to fit) – at our regular Girls’ Days, to pupils at the start of term, and at schools (in the privacy of the dorm etc.) and, when we have enough, we’ll also give them to some of the local ladies.



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