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'Bring a Ball'
(and some boots if you can)
in your luggage for the kids when you come to Mfuwe
Most kids all over the world love sport and, here in Mfuwe, they are no different.  Football is the game of choice for the boys (and even a few of the girls) but the players are hugely hampered by a lack of equipment.  Kids are used to playing in bare feet but soccer can't be played without the essential ball.  Games are played on makeshift pitches surrounded by bush and the balls are often punctured by sharp acacia thorns.  
Kafunta Safaris started the Mfuwe Junior Soccer League some years ago but Project Luangwa and many Luangwa Safari Association members support the project. but ther problem is that there are never enough balls (or football boots - many kids play barefooted). If you have a spare bit of luggage space please bring a deflated football or a pair of boots (for kids aged 12 and above). For more information about how to get donated items to us please have a look on this page.
Don't forget the girls . . .
Many of our Mfuwe girls prefer to play netball so why not bring a netball (or some trainers) as well as a football and help us help the girls to have some fun too.
If you fancy watching a grassroots game whilst you're here just let us know. We can't promise but we will do our best to let you know where the Mfuwe League teams are playing.  Your lodge will be able to arrange a visit.
Find out more about the Mfuwe Junior Football League here 
or check out their Facebook page. 
Although Proflight have increased their luggage allowance from Lusaka to Mfuwe there are still restrictions.  If you need help with bringing donations on this leg of your journey you can use our Pilot Post. Find out more here.


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