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When Laura Elliot came with her family on a surprise safari holiday to Nkwali last year she took the opportunity to visit Nsefu Middle Basic School. 
The difference between Nsefu and her own well equipped school back in the UK must have had a profound effect as it prompted her to raise funds to help the school and its pupils. 
With the help of her friend Amber, she made a huge batch of cupcakes to sell at her local church last Sunday (October 10th)  and raised a massive £125. 
So that everyone was aware of the plight of Nsefu School she also made a PowerPoint presentation from the photographs of her visit which she showed to the congregation.  
Both girls are 12 years old and are pictured here with a cake they made for a friend's birthday. Judging by the look of it they could give Delia a bit of competition. 
We would like to thank Laura and Amber for their hard work and generosity and hope that we will see them both in South Luangwa in the not too distant future.  


Project Luangwa and Chipembele Wildlife Educational Trust join forces to ship thousands of Oxford English Dictionaries to Mfuwe.
Anna Tolan at Chipembele said "We've been offered ten thousand dictionaries, free, but I just don't know how we'll get them here. It's an opportunity too good to miss."
Just imagine - 10,000 big dictionaries - I can't even begin to visualise how big that pile would be.
Look on the How to Help page to find out how you can help us provide provide each and every Secondary School Pupil and all the teachers in Mfuwe one of these big dictionaries.
Update:  Thanks for all your generous donations. We now have the funds we need to ship the dictionaries. In fact the are on the way as we speak. We will let you all know when they arrive. 



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