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Behind a row of makeshift vegetable stalls is a rough track that snakes its way between the thatched huts and detritus of Mfuwe’s everyday living.   After walking for five or ten minutes you’ll eventually come across John.  He used to be found just found sitting on a bamboo mat by his house or perhaps struggling to make his way after a group of kids who have gone off to play football. 
John is a shy five year old boy and rather small for his age. He’s slow to smile but take out a camera and this all changes.  Like any African child he’ll try to be the one directly in front of the lens but often gets lost under the feet of the village kids who all want “photo, photo”.
John was born with legs that finish above the knee and just one hand.
However even his ‘good’ hand has the two middle fingers fused together. His brothers and sisters do their best to carry him around but they have their own agendas and he's getting a bit too big and heavy.  John always wanted to be able to visit the market stalls just a few hundred meters away or join the kids at a nearby playschool but was an impossible dream until he got a wheelchair.
Project Luangwa sent out an appeal for funds to buy him a wheelchair and thanks to the generosity of their supporters raised enough for two as well as receiving a specially designed one for free.
And so John's horizons got bigger overnight. The day after he went for his first ride in the chair he was taken for his day at pre-school. Faced with around 90 kids singing and chanting is a bit daunting but John didn't take long to settle in.  He now attends daily pushed there and back by his big sister. Not to be left out his two brothers, Moses and William, have taken it upon themselves to help John with his school work. With books given by Project Luangwa they are teaching him English and the alphabet all in one.
John will attend Chiyembekezo Community Pre-school until he reaches the age of seven. He will then be old enough to start in Grade 1 at a  local Basic School. 
February 2012 update: John is still attending Chiyembekezo daily and Dailes, his teachers says he is doing well.
Now it's easier getting out with his mates in the village
A bewildering first day at school
But his big brother Moses is there to help him through his first morning.  Moses is in grade 2 at Mfuwe Basic School
Out and about with Mum
Big brother Moses is never far away
John, Moses and even bigger brother, William.


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