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Meet Prosper, aged 11, born into a remote rural area in Eastern Zambia. When the Edulution team met him he did not know 1 x 1 nor could he add, subtract or do much else mathematically. Without basic maths skills his future was limited. Things changed when one of Edulution's sponsor partners funded him to attend the foundational maths course at one the centres. Mulenga Mwamba is Prosper's coach and her income is entirely dependent on the activity and performance of her students. Mulenga was able to guide Prosper through the Edulution Learning process. It began with a heat-map showing Prosper's strengths and weaknesses and with some amazing technology, effective coaching and the Edulution learning process, Prosper went from knowing little to being numerate in 6 months. With effective program management and support from the 'hub', using excellent reporting systems Mulenga and Prosper's sponsors were able to easily track his progress. 



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